The Family Initiative

The Family Initiative

Our Kids Zone ministry has been doing a great job of taking care of our families. It is time for our church to support our youth families with the same high quality of ministry. Our families should be able to count on a rock solid youth group experience for their kids through high school graduation. God has been opening doors left and right, preparing the way for us to add a full-time youth pastor to our staff – which is amazing! We are adding Jeremy Rhodes to our staff in July, and this is where you come in – we need to make sure that we can fully fund his position as well as the growing youth ministry programs in our church. Big things are happening!!

1: Pray.

We know prayer works! We have even been praying for more people to pray! Pray that God would make it possible for Jeremy to be employed with us! Pray that God would use you as part of making it happen!

2: Pledge.

We are asking families to make a one year pledge in faith above their current giving to fund a youth pastor salary and benefits, an increased youth budget and a local mission project. That is a bargain at $54,000, or $4,500 a month! Everyone can pledge something! Together we can do it!

3: Automate.

The best way to make sure you are as faithful as you mean to be is to automate your giving. You can ask your bank to send a weekly or monthly check, or go to and set up a draw from your debit card. Your consistency can be a great part of the story of how East Ave Church thrives in 2017!


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