Our Money’s Worth

Our Money’s Worth

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The Sanctuary Roof

The tab composition of the big roof over the sanctuary is the second since 1970. It is a second layer of 20-Year Comp. Out of the two layers we have gotten 47 years out of it. A decade ago when a wind storm came through Chico, it blew chunks of the sanctuary roof off. We have been patching it ever since, waiting for the right time to replace it.

The East Wing roof looking into the courtyard behind the nursery

The rest of the roof has not been replaced since it was first completed. The east wing classrooms were completed in the late 1960’s and the west wing (now used for offices) was completed in the middle 1970’s. That averages out to around 50 years of service with a roofing material is considered to have a 20 year lifespan! That is getting close to Biblical proportions, right?

Where you see white and off-white on the roof, it is various stages of silicone patches. Those are areas that have been temporarily sealed. Each patch should last five years. We started patching this way four years ago! Everywhere you see a darker area of the roof, it is because the material has been washed away and the roof is currently leaking anywhere water stands in a rainstorm. Water doesn’t need an obvious hole at this point.

You can clearly see the fiberglass strands in the roofing material because the all the parts of the material that keeps water out has washed away!

The roofing material used over the classrooms and offices is referred to as “torch-down”. That’s because huge sheets of roofing material are rolled out, tacked down and melted into place – you guessed it – using a torch! The first sign that the roof is losing continuity is that the edges of sheets get shiny. That means that the fiberglass within the roofing material is showing because everything else has been washed away over time. For years now, we have been finding huge holes in the middle of the sheets, indicating it is time for action!

A Long Time Coming

12 years ago Pastor Ron was with a representative from a local roofing company, standing above the east lobby. The roofer says, “You know how to tell your roof has been worn out for a long time?” He didn’t then, but learned quickly. Since then, the church has patched the roof each fall in anticipation of the problems ahead. We chased leaks and anticipated trouble spots. We have had some success, but it has been apparent for some time that a catastrophic failure of the roof was coming very soon.

Why Should We Do It?

It is a valid question, right? Of course, the roof needs to be replaced. What if we just found another building to worship in? What if we made plans to build something shiny and new? In the end, the most economical way to have space to do ministry here in Chico is to simply replace the roof. In reality, this is just maintenance, like new tires on your car. It seems like a large price tag since most all of us were not around the last time this was done!

Check out the short history of our campus on East Ave.

Let’s Do It All Now

It is definitely possible to break up the project and do it in sections, but rather than drag this out for years, we have decided that doing the entire roof at once is the best idea. That way, we can talk about it for a summer and replace the entire roof before the rains begin! The whole project will include a new roof over the main building, fixing any dry rot found when removing the old roof, and refurbishing the gutter system. The estimate for this entire project is $125,000.