The New Roof

The New Roof

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The New Roof Plan

This is an example of the kind of roofing material that will be replacing the dated three-tab design currently over the Sanctuary.

This is a great opportunity for us to greatly improve our curb appeal, not just simply get dry! First, the Big Roof over the Sanctuary will be stripped of both layers of the old roof (California Law will not allow a three layer roof). Under that roofing is a layer of insulation laying on top of the tongue and groove that comprises the structure of the roof and is also the what you see when you look up from inside the Sanctuary. The insulation will need to be covered with plywood to comply with new California building codes before the new roof can go on. When it does, we will be using an architectural shingle design that will update the look of the very visible steep sanctuary roof. This shingle design has the look of a shake roof with the longevity of an asphalt shingle roof – very cool. It will continue to be a light color to reflect as much of the sun as possible.

We also have two low pitched roofs that are all connected by “flat” roofs with very little pitch. Right now, these are both covered with torch-down comp roofing (the long strips of asphalt material that is heated to melt together into one unit). We have a plan for this section of our building as well!

The new plan is for the low pitched roofs to also get the architectural¬† comp to greatly improve the drive-by vision of the church building. This will drag our old gal into a modern looking design without a major update. The cost is the same, so it is like a massive facelift without any extra cost! Also, we will be putting in more roof vents of modern design. This will improve the longevity of the new roof because the attic won’t get as hot in the summer. It will have the added effect of improving the efficiency of the air conditioning units for the same reason!

There are various flat parts of the roof are not visible from street level – these will continue to be the same torch-down roofing technique that worked well for us for four decades!

Add all of this to the new parkway landscaping along East Ave (another current project) and the church building will look as lively and vital on the outside as the people are on the inside!