The History

The History

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A Legacy of Hope

The Nazarene church congregation inside the 13th and Broadway church building

This church was started in 1921 and found its first home downtown at the corner of 13th and Broadway. I am sure at the time it seemed far away from the action around the college in a good residential neighborhood. By the 1950’s, the church found itself on that same small piece of property, hemmed in by their neighbors. As the church grew and needed more space for ministry, they looked north to an orchard field as a place to blossom.

The congregation of the East Ave Church in the back yard of the parsonage on the east side of campus

Go North!

Blossom they did! In 1964 they broke ground on the parsonage here at East Ave Church and never looked back. Next, they built the Family Ministry Center (which was the original sanctuary), then classrooms and an office. In 1970 they began work on the current sanctuary and by the middle of that decade they finished with the gym!

Finish Strong

Not only did those who came before us see the value in having a building big enough to do creative ministry in for decades to come, they also understood that getting out of debt would free up God’s money for ministry. So, the people also paid off all the construction debt by the end of the 80’s.

All church photo in front of the current building in 1988

The reason why we have been able to thrive here is the vision, labor, and sacrificial giving of those who came before us. Although “church” is not synonymous with “building”, it is vital to have a place to call home, to receive guests and to welcome people into the Kingdom of God! Talk to any church that meets in a temporary place every weekend – we are living the dream!