Big Roof Weekend

Big Roof Weekend

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The Weekend of August 19 & 20

For those who call East Ave Church home, we will take a few minutes out of our regular worship service for some family business. In preparation for replacing the roof over our sanctuary, classrooms, and offices, we are doing a bit of fundraising in two specific ways:

Special Cash Offering:

First, we are taking a cash offering as our first payment toward the total cost. Many of you have given toward this project already. Everything that has been collected specifically designated for the roof by the time work starts in October (estimated) will be used as the down payment toward the final cost.

You can certainly give to the roof fund before that (just mark your donations)! You can even do it through Text-to-Give by texting 84321 the amount you want to donate, then “roof” behind it in the message. We will pile all the cash we can put together to get started on this project.

Ongoing Giving Pledges:

Second, what we do not raise in cash will be privately borrowed. We are taking pledges to cover the rest of the cost as quickly as possible in monthly installments.  Our plan is to do it all in no less than five years — hopefully much sooner! We will be taking pledges of future ongoing giving above current giving to go specifically to pay this debt.  Our prayer is that our church community will respond in faith so that we will be able to continue to thrive in our growing ministries as well as be good stewards of our assets.

10% Matching Funds

It is important that every dollar given and every pledge made be officially marked as such. One family has challenged everyone to go on the record as giving specifically to the roof above your regular giving habits! For every dollar that comes in marked specifically for the roof it will be matched by 10 cents. That may not seem like much, but at the end of this project, it will amount to $12,500! So, mark your donations “roof”!

Above Regular Giving

It may seem obvious to you, but it is worth saying that this point: We are not asking our people to reassign their giving to pay off the roof. We are asking our people consider increasing their commitment to funding the mission here! The roof is a vital part of our ability to do ministry at this location for the next 30+ years. The ministries we have now are growing and our ability to reach more people for Jesus is directly related to our ability to fund the rest of the church mission.

Be Praying!

Pray that the project will run smooth, that the money gets raised, and that God will continue to bring His blessing to the ministry of East Ave Church.

Also be praying about what your part in the special offering and the pledge of faith!