Past Events (Page 2)

Past Events (Page 2)

All Church Meeting

The All Member Meeting is February 26th and will be held in the Sanctuary. Church members will be voting for board members but non-members are welcome to attend. We will be talking about church finances, board and the future direction for our church. If you are a member please make sure this is on your calendar!

Wisdom Literature

Wisdom Literature Series began Wednesday, January 11 at 7pm lead by Pastor Scott. Ecclesiastes, Job, Song of Songs: Life As Vanity, Life As Suffering, Life As Love

East Ave 411

Have you ever had questions about the history, background, and future of East Ave Church? We can help! Come hang out with the pastoral staff in room 111 and talk about all of this important stuff. This is also a prerequisite to church membership, so we will be talking about that as well!