Kids Zone at East Ave Church

Kids Zone at East Ave Church

We Love Kids!

Here at East Ave we work hard at creating a safe and fun environment for your child! Our Sunday morning programs are available for children 2 months through 5th Grade.  Saturday evening worship also has childcare available. Some good things you should know:

22 Months to 2 Years

Our Nursery is located just off the Sanctuary and is a safe and cozy place for babies to play! Any child ages 2 mo-2 years can be placed in the Nursery for Sunday Worship starting at 10:45AM and picked up just after the close of Worship. As an additional safety measure parents will be given a pager for their child just in case a need arises during service.  The pager is returned when picking up your child.  Parents and guardians are also welcome to bring babies into the Sanctuary during Worship if they wish.
**Nursing Mother’s Note**:If you are a Nursing Mother, and would like a private place to nurse, we have a Nursing Mother’s Room for you! It is accessed right inside the infant nursery, and is quiet and comfortable. There is also TV in the room playing the service so you don’t have to miss the message!

132 & 3 Year Olds

Our Toddler Room is located in RM 104 and is open for children between the ages of two and three years (2-3) or as soon as they begin to run. During this time children play games and participate in age appropriate songs and stories teaching about Jesus and God. Children can be dropped off in RM 105 after they are dismissed from  service after we worship together. They can be picked up following the close of the Service.

4 to 6 Year Olds

Our exciting Pre-Readers Room meets the needs of children in Preschool through Kindergarten. It is a step between Toddlers and Big Kids Church, where we introduce the children to multi-stage lessons. During this class children read a story from the Bible, sing songs, memorize verses, and have the option to make a craft that goes along with the story.  Children are invited to leave the adult worship service after the first music set and may be picked up following the close of Worship.

Genesis: Grades 1 & 2

First and Second Graders meet in our Ocean themed room. They start in the worship service for the first music set and then are invited to leave for Room 104 with the teachers.

4:5 Classes: Grades 3 to 5

Pronounced ‘forty-five’, these classes are based on Proverbs 4:5 “Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or turn away from them.” B 4:5 is for boys and is learning about the Armor of God. G 4:5 is for girls and is exploring how to grow into godly women. The kids are invited to leave the adult worship service after the first music set.

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Safety is important to us: All volunteers undergo a thorough background check including fingerprinting and an interview process. Additionally, most rooms are staffed with at least two caring adults to ensure your child is receiving a great amount of care and attention.

We are a co-op: Most of our volunteers also have children who benefit from our services. We consider volunteering for our Children’s Department to be a great way to participate in your child’s spiritual life, as well as a fantastic way to serve God. Volunteers serve 13 weekends out of the year (once a month plus one 5th Sunday a year) making it an easy commitment.

We think Worship is for the whole family: We believe that worship is a significant way for your family and the greater church family to come together and praise God. To that end, check-in for Toddlers, Pre-Readers, Genesis, and 4:5 classes takes place in the Lobby prior to service so that your children can sit with you during opening worship. From there, children are dismissed to their respective rooms and can be picked up from their classrooms after service.

We want your child to learn about Jesus!: How your child comes to know God is an essential part of our mission and purpose. We work very diligently to implement curriculum that is enriching, enjoyable and age-appropriate.


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