Hosting a Passover Table

Hosting a Passover Table

We’re excited that you’re interested in hosting a Passover table this year at our annual dinner!

Hosting a table has two requirements – first, that you bring all the things to set up a nice table. Each table needs specific items:

Taper candles (2)
Candlesticks (2)
Matches or lighter to light candles
Plates, drinking glasses, flatware (knives, forks, spoons) for 8

This is the perfect opportunity to pull out Grandma’s fine china!

Second is that you actually act as host of the table you set! There will be a whole lot of people who are first time guests and don’t have anyone to sit with – and lots of regular attenders who don’t know many people yet and are hoping for a friendly face go up to them and to invite them to a table! Also, hosting the table means leading part of the meal/ceremony. Pastor Ron leads the entire meal up front, but there might be a couple things that you need to lead (for instance, lighting candles or reading a passage).

If this sounds interesting to you, please let us know on your Connection Card this Sunday, or sign up online RIGHT HERE!


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