Your First Step

Everything hinges on FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Administration). Whether you think you will get money from FEMA, you will need a registration number to unlock other services.


Go Get a LOPE!

The USDA is handing out LOPEs (Letter of Priority Entitlement) to people with a FEMA number. What can that do for you? That puts you at the front of the list for an opening in any multi-family housing project funded through HUD in the USA regardless of your credit history!

Go Get One at the Old Sears!

Get a Loan!

Again, USDA also does loan guarantees!

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Find a Rental Property

With your LOPE you get priority placement for any HUD financed multi-family dwelling, like an apartment complex. Use the link below to search for properties!

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Are you still under Evacuation Orders?

You can find out here! Click through and type in your address for the map!

Camp Fire Damage

Map of Homes

Would you like to see the updated information for your house? This map is updated regularly from CalFire as to the best information available.