What to Expect

What to Expect

What are the services like?

We do the same four things every week. We have corporate worship, we teach through books of the Bible, receive communion and take an offering of our regular attenders. We keep things simple!

How long are the services?

Generally, Saturday at 6PM and Sunday at 9AM are 70 minutes. Sunday at 11AM is often 10 minutes longer.

What’s the dress code?

Well, wear what you want! Dress up or come comfortable. Seriously! You won’t feel out of place because of what you wear. That is, unless you wear a Pittsburgh Steeler’s jersey. Then your only friend may be Pastor Jeremy!

What do I do with my kids?

Sunday at 11AM we have a full boat of children’s classrooms from nursery through 5th grade. Saturday at 6PM and Sunday at 9AM we have a place for kids from 2 to 6 years old. When you get to our campus, find the Kids Zone Check-in to register your kids!

Think you need a place to put your middle schooler or high schooler? We work hard to make the big service accessible for ages 12 to 92! Give it a shot! We believe teenagers should be a part of the whole worshiping body, not just squirreled away in by themselves.